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Hi, My name is Andy and I live in Leicester U.K. with my wife and dog, Im self employed running small repairs business on Electrical equipment i.e IOS Phones, Android Phones, Mac & PC Computers and TV / Monitors. I also build websites and IOS applications but my passion is music creation on Ableton Live, Although I have wrote a few songs myself I enjoy remaking covers of songs from other artists form the 1950's up to the present day. I post videos on Youtube of my remakes / covers ""

If you pledge $10 or more you will get access to all my Ableton Live Project files for Download so you can use them for yourself.

So if you like what I do, Please help me build my youtube content by become a Patreon then i will be able to continue to create more Ableton Live Videos and Projects.

If you have a request for a Remake, Let me know and i will do my best to accommodate your request.
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To get more sheet music so I can continue to produce Ableton Live Covers.
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