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Every little bit helps. I really appreciate it.

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Words cannot express how much your monthly donations mean to me and I truly thank you for your generosity.




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About Ulmaro Perez

Who I am:
I am a freelance Editor who has worked on many projects together with many skilled people. I am a Father to one beautiful daughter who is growing up way faster than I had hoped. I am a creator and a fellow who just loves to explore and make fun videos to share with anyone who is willing to watch, listen, and like. I am and will always be a CREATOR. 

Why Patreon:
Honestly I make nothing when I post on my Youtube, not yet finding my audience. So this is an attempt to help fund my creative outlet. Will it work? That depends on you. Do you have to support me? Nope. If you do support me then I will forever be grateful that you have chosen to do so and I will surely find ways to give back your generosity.

"Life is like a rollercoaster of emotions and dreams." - Myself

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I do not understand how this works but I am hoping that I become more adept in it as time goes on. I want to gain at least 2000 supporters because then I could afford to do more and see more and explore more. Not only that, it also means that I will have been heard and people will have liked what I offer which is the biggest reward. If I can make other people happy that is the greatest joy in life. 
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