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If you think about it, it kind of boggles the mind that a site like the Ultima Codex, or a video game fan club like the Ultima Dragons, would still find a reason to keep going. After all, it has been nearly twenty years since the last single-player Ultima game was published. And while, yes, Ultima Online continues to thrive after twenty years of operation, it is hardly the giant of the MMORPG industry it once was...and what few attempts to build upon the Ultima name have come along in recent years haven't fared all that well.

But Ultima is just one of those series; its influence is felt even to this day, and its fan community continues not only to thrive, but also to find new and clever ways to either improve the playability of the old games, or to offer up new takes on its systems and tropes.

Spam Spam Spam Humbug is the unofficial podcast of the Ultima Dragons, and of the broader Ultima fandom. We talk about video games, game design, and the cultural impacts and implications of gaming...all the sorts of things you'd have seen discussed back on Usenet, but now available on your podcast app of choice.

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