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About Ultimate Failure

Hiya I'm Ultimate Failure and welcome to my Patreon page!

What I do

I'm a beginner comic artist and I like reading loads of graphic novels such as Anya's ghost, Seconds, The Scott Pilgrim series, and I am also a huge fan of various different MANGA. I will provide my comics online for free and I don't ever expect to change that, I look forward to making comics for others to enjoy! I currently have a Tapastic and Webtoon comic called The Average Nerd and if you like it please check it out! I have some links below!

What I plan to do

I plan on posting on Patreon so that I can hopefully keep everyone up to date on my work and also giving you the patron plus that you pay for! 

Where would your money go?

The money I earn in Patreon will help me to make my comic much more often and easier. If you would like to be one of my patrons, anything helps a comic creator! Thank you!

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If I reach my first 5 patrons I will post my first ART DUMP for all patrons to view!
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