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About UltimateSpongeBob101

As a proud Ultimate SpongeBob Fan and a seasoned YouTuber, I love to share the joy of the lil' yellow guy with the millions of fellow fans from all parts of the world. I believe that SpongeBob is not just for kids. It's for everyone. Anyone can enjoy SpongeBob, whether you were a kid watching "Help Wanted" back when SpongeBob first premiered on Nickelodeon back in May 1999, or if you just so luckily happen to stumble upon the Joy of the Sponge because of the recent "SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water". The SpongeBob Community is a big one, with lots of happiness and creativity. 

I create SpongeBob-related videos on Episodes, Merchandise (including Comics and DVDs), Game Playthroughs and so much more as a hobby. It's been 9 years now, much thanks goes to the almost 8,000 subscribers and millions of other viewers who've been supporting us thus far.

As part of UltimateSpongeBob101's 9th Year, we are planning to bring tons of all-new and all-different types of content to you. Whether it's upgrading our one-of-a-kind "SpongeBob Moves In" Guide Website of which thousands of fans use every month, to spicing up our videos on YouTube, we're doing our best to make them happen. But, we can't do it without your help! 

Help make UltimateSpongeBob101 become a center for all things SpongeBob. Pull out your attitude of Spongitude and let's get the ball rollin', shall we? Every contribution counts! Don't forget to Keep it right here, on UltimateSpongeBob101! 

Thanks for coming around and don't forget to Stay Happy!
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