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About Ultramori

Thank you for checking my Patreon out! As of 2018, I finally have one. As of now I'm not that big on any platform, but I'm hoping to share these creations with the world. I've been drawing for a little over two years, and at the moment I'm going to minor in art during college. Hopefully I can gain some extra money for this to help me buy supplies, because at the moment I'm short on money and don't want to ask for too many favors. This is a way for me to find out if people really like my art, ahah ♡

I love making art more than anything. If you do decide to become a Patreon, you'll be helping this poor kiddo out with my art goals... one of which is owning all the full sets of Copics someday. 

Anyway, to wrap this up, I want to thank you for checking out my Patreon! Even if you don't or can't become a patron I greatly appreciate you taking time to check out my page. :D
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Help me get to eight dollars! Copics are expensive here..
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