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  • Access to the Gym map
  • See team ownership on raids
  • See number of open slots on gyms
  • Earns a discord role title as Raider
  • Earns a gold color name on discord
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  • Nearby Pokemon Notifications 
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About UltraPokeMap.com

UltraPokeMap.com is a raid and pokemon location map for Pokemon Go. It is dedicated to providing the Pokemon Go community with tools to coordinate raids, and play the game. We have a public discord server with raid and pokemon feeds.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your consideration in supporting our vision. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support to sustain our growth and development. Thank you for understanding that the pledge you are about to make is NOT for a product and/or service, it is a gift towards the labors involved to continue the practicality of the reports.

Subscribe now and you will no longer see ads on the web map!

We are focused on providing the best and most up-to-date raid and pokemon reports available using a network of discord bots and user-submissions. We will continue to work hard to provide the necessary tools and resources to make our Pokemon Go map and discord as reliable, and credible as possible.


  • Live web-based map for raids
  • Live web-based map for Pokemon
  • Live web-based map for Research Quests
  • Pokemon IV and CP for rare Pokemon
  • Raid notifications for your neighborhood
  • Anti-abuse system to reduce fake submissions and trolls
  • RSVP system to coordinate raids
  • RSVP Logos for active raid leaders and YouTubers
  • Discord channel and notification system for raid chats
  • Pokemon Sightings
  • Nearby Pokemon Notifications


  • Automatic Raid chat lobbies

We are currently working hard to focus on making all of these features as solid and viable as possible to help keep the Pokemon Go community thriving. This is a very expensive service to run and we do not offer refunds of any contributions made. There is no guarantee of up-time or availability of rewards. We reserve the right to ban anyone from our system at any time. If you are interested in supporting the efforts we have put in place or thanking us, please consider subscribing to support our work. Thank you!

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