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You enjoy and want to see the perpetration of ultraviolence:

  • I'll upload the full-sized versions of my art for each character and explain the thinking behind it.
  • Note: This will probably make it clear that I'm not very good at drawing :D



About Ultraviolent4

Hey everyone, welcome to my page. I'm Ultraviolent4 and I play and write about Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. You can find my DCSS playthroughs over on YouTube. Each let's play is in its own separate playlist so you can pick any character that takes your fancy. I also have a website where you'll find guides for the game and other Crawl writings.

In my videos I try my absolute best to bring you into my head to see how I'm thinking (if at all) and what's going into the decisions I make. While the lame jokes might not be the greatest of all time, I'd like to think that everyone from new players to grizzled veterans can take something away. Until they shut me down, I'll continue showing you the secrets the devs don't want you to know.

I've had people ask how they can support me and my content so here's a way to do so. I'll never push this sort of thing but I would be thankful and excited if you chose to show your appreciation. And as we're all aware, MS Paint isn't exactly free.
100% complete
I'm currently hosting a website where you'll find all my guides and Crawl writings for free. I'm also paying for the running costs of the Australian DCSS server (CPO).

This monthly amount will cover my hosting and registration costs.
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