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Welcome to Club Umi, you are now an honorary club member! Unfortunately, we don't have jackets. (Yet...)
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Choose and recieve a commentary on a piece of art of mine, and on one by another artist of your choosing!
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Sit in on 2-3 live recordings/beat sessions a month! Hear the creations manifest for yourself, and we can live chat inbetween takes.
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See the creative process at it's rawest with access to my unreleased and unlisted songs/song ideas, videos, and various other recordings archive!
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If you are looking for a guitar instructor, I can provide four, 30min-1hour long lessons per month! Will be conducted via Skype video chat. Learn to jam at your own, comfortable pace. I can teach you all the basics for beginner levels, tips and tricks I've picked up throughout my 12+ years of experience, and help you learn songs you want to play.




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About Umikala

Hello everyone! I am Umikala, formerly known as Goldenboyumi and Goldenboyocean. I would call myself a singer/songwriter artist, however I am more known for making beats and being a recluse on the internet. I've recently figured out though, that all I really want in life is to be able to create all the art that I want for as long as I can possibly do so. That is what brings us here to Patreon. With the contribution of one dollar a month (or more if you feel so inclined to by your caring nature and my sweet, sweet reward tiers ;) ) you can support my drive of being a nonstop creative being! I play guitar, sing, write, produce, make videos, draw, and I'm starting up a podcast series with my very best musical friend, FuschiaLynx+. I'm sure you're aware of some or most of that if you've found your way to this page, assuming you haven't stumbled here by accident. But if the latter is the case, then I welcome you, random passerby, to check out any of the links here that should direct you to most of what I have to offer.

As of the launching of this page, I have 3 beat tapes in the works, 2 acoustic tapes, 1 collaborative album with the group L.A.M.B which I am a member of, a plethora of video ideas/projects for Youtube, the commencing of my twitch account, and the startup of two podcast series: 'The Lambcast', as mentioned above, and 'Umi's Yumecast'. I hope to do all of this, and much much more, throughout the year and for years to come with the support of those who value the content I put out. I truly love to create art, and I thank all of you for it. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to this progressive step upwards in my creative endeavors with all of your help!
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If this goal is acheived, it will allow me to start focusing on creating content online full-time. This is the minimum amount I would need to begin the journey of living off of my art.
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