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About Cristina and Kat

Welcome!  Kat and Cristina here!  We are two wild, adventurous  media creators and solo-preneuers.  Together we are traveling the country in a truck to make creative and educational content about the outdoors. 

Who is Kat?

Kat is video, media and creative content junkie. She owns her own video production business and recently converted the back of her truck into a bed so she can travel across the country and create content about the outdoors. She is passionate about documenting the importance of embracing fear in all its shapes and sizes. 

Who is Cristina?

Cristina is a backpacking, hiking and camping junkie . She is a professional hiking retreat leader and it is her mission to invite more people into hiking culture and  show her communities  how the outdoors gives us the space to be our best selves. She just started her own hiking retreat business based in Austin, TX. 

Why are we together and why on Patreon?

We are strong believers that nature is a part of each of us. Kat grew up being fascinated by rocks, archeology and the history of the earth while Cristina grew up hiking and fishing many different terrains throughout the West. Our relationship to nature has lit a fire within us to further explore the many gifts, challenges and reflections nature holds.

We are here as an effort to continue our sustained travel out of a truck across the country and to bring you more consistent content on all things outdoors. Kat and I live on a very tight budget and every dollar towards our efforts will be rewarded with more of the type of content you are trying to enjoy. With Kat being the video and documentary expert and me being the camping/hiking/gear expert we are bringing you topics such as:

- Planning and Packing for your first camping trip
- How to take solo video while traveling
- Smashing stereotypes about women traveling solo
- Gear reviews for video/camera
- Gear reviews for camping and hiking equipment
- Honest conversations about the realities of living on the road
- Videos profiling certain hikes and parks 

Where are we headed next!  Want to meet up with us? Feel free to reply or send us an email!

August 22nd- August 27th- Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming 
September 16th- Video Content Workshop for Small Business in Austin 
October 21st- Video Content Workshop for Small Business in Austin 
October 28th- October 30th -  Big Bend National Park Hiking Retreat
November 10th - November 11th Los Pines State Park Hiking Retreat 
November 17th- Video Content Workshop for Small Business in Austin 

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