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About Chris Desmond

My name is Chris Desmond. By day I have a job as a physiotherapist, by other times I have a podcast called "Uncomfortable is OK". In it I chat with interesting people doing fascinating things, all of which have taken them out of their comfort zones. We talk about the uncomfortable stuff that they've had to go through, and the strategies they used to help them get through it.

The podcast came about because I had stopped getting out of my comfort zone, and as a result had stopped growing. When I got my first job I really stopped doing things that challenged me and made me uncomfortable, I did the same stuff week in week out which led to me being pretty unfulfilled. Getting back out of my comfort zone and consistently challenging myself has given me back the fire and excitement I thrive on.

The podcast is an integral part of doing that, and so far there is over 50 hours of content and conversation there with amazing people helping me and you get out of our comfort zones. I'm hoping that you'll come along on this journey with me. 
AROHANUI for the support!

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