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About UnderScore

Hosted by composers Marty & Will Brueggemann, UnderScore is a podcast celebrating the rich tradition of movie music one film at a time. We thank you for your support, which makes it possible to produce the show at the highest quality possible.
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  • Downloads of our theme music, "What Danger" (Marty Brueggemann) and "Serendipity" (William Brueggemann)
  • Current PDF of the UnderScore Supplement, including every Bonus Feature for our Film Score subjects thus far.
  • Audio download of our unabridged interview with Alan Snelling (assistant audio engineer on the Star Wars trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman: The Movie, and more)
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  • Thanked by name in the end credits of each episode. 
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  • Critique of 1-2 pieces of your own original music (with your choice of private or broadcasted feedback).
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