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Astro Unity - Daily Astrology Reports
per month

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my daily Astrology transit reports as well as any additional written posts I choose to share to inspire grater love and creativity for the collective.

People who appreciate me and my content who can afford to contribute energetically to my continued growth. Thank you for sharing the love

Unifying Content - Raffle & Moon Cycles
per month

I shall be sharing my gratitude with this group of wonderful beings by hosting a monthly raffle where by I choose 2 people to receive a 30min reading of their natal chart shared with the group as well as New Moon and Full Moon invocation ceremonial rituals for each cycle.

This creative & energetic exchange greatly contributes towards to my continued growth. Thank you for your contributions. 

The Unifying Perspective - A&Q, Tarot
per month

In this top tier we gain the opportunity to get to know one another through sharing a monthly question and answer for spiritual and natal placements in a live group video as well as monthly tarot pulls for each and every member of this group! As well as 50% consultations via my website

All top tier patrons also get all the other content as follows  the daily reports, the new and full moon ceremony rituals, be in the monthly raffle for 2 chances to win a 30min natal chart reading shared with the group as well as all other secret and bonus content I choose to share to show my love for you all.

This creative & energetic exchange greatly contributes towards to my continued growth allowing me to do what I love and show up sharing my heart and wisdom with you. I am dearly appreciative for your contributions and excited to get to know you more personally. 




per month

About Philip Daniel Miles - Unifying Perspectives

Since 2011 I have been making videos on Youtube, as an entrepreneur, now since 2016 loving working as a full time astrologer and inspirational speaker. I am here with the intention of making inspirational, uplifting content that reminds you that you are the centre of your experience. You are innocent whatever is going on, anything that has happened to you or whatever you have done, you are okay and all will continue to be okay. The sun shines as do you. There is always love to be found within.

I am making daily Astrology reports for all patreons as well as group new and full moon ceremony rituals for my middle tear I shall be offering short monthly readings hosted for all in a monthly raffle, my top tier shall access all content as well as a group question and anwser for all questions of spiritual concern and wonder as well as reflections on your own natal astrology placements.

Using astrology I love to share the pattens seeded at in our hearts at the moment of our birth that each of us are growing through. each with our own unique expression playing through every current that we see, together raising the frequency of the plane of vibrational resonance. Simply put I want to make you smile. In doing so I too can share, shine, grow and expand as I adventure living my dreams, sharing my own personal message of growth and expansion while consciously empowering the wholeness that each of us are.
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