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About UNIRock

Im UNIRock, a live streamer and video producer on YOUTube. I stream on youtube, persicope and a few other networks. We work on uploads throughout the day and livestream in the afternoon/evening. 
We cover alot of topics from youtube commentary to trending topics and mysteries.
If you want to contact us, please email [email protected]
its the best way to get in touch
if you want to join our discord server, let me know
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We bought our P.C. , the 4,000$ AlienWare Area-51, to render our videos, and do our livestream shows. Also we upped our internet to 300 download 20 upload (the fastest business internet we can get in area). This goal is set high, but it is for paying off the computer monthly, and the internet... along with getting a few things ( like cables, usb boxes, routers, other servers, and other workstations. ) This is my dream, making content all day everyday, and you are helping me make it. Thank you
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