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UnityVelop is a place where the game development community can all get together. I will be airing weekly streams on Twitch as well as uploading the live streams and many other videos to YouTube. The point of this all is to not only teach but learn together. With the weekly live streams I will be taking the ideas generated in the chat and bringing them to life. I will be starting with simple level design creating scenes based on what the live chat decides they want to see. This will show the entire process from start to finish and how I go about researching things I am not 100 percent sure how to implement just yet. This will also allow me as a learning developer to get feedback from the chat from those who may have a better understanding than I allowing them to help me as well. This is going to be a community that is going to give to me just as much as i will them. Later down the road I aim to start creating simple games based off the ideas of the live chat as well, and showcase just how a game is created start to finish, and how to quickly learn new concepts that you are trying to learn. I will also do videos and live streams creating both 2D and 3D game assets using blender and Photoshop. I am very excited to see where this all goes as I am very confident in its ability to go far.
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With this first goal I will be able to register a website for the UnityVelop Community. The website will feature forums, merchandise, and a place to share your personal projects, assets, graphics what ever you choose to share on your game development journey. This will also allow members of the UnityVelop community to find other community members to work on group projects and test your games and give feedback.
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