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For Donating $5 You Will Get A Set Up Video By Me, Computer Specs If You Are Just Starting Like Me For Computers, And Finally Softwares I Use For Editing And Recording
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Hello, My Name Is Reece Kawaii, And I Have Been Making Videos Since I Was 5 Years Of Age, I Discovered Videos Editing When I Was On My Fathers Computer And Found An Editing Software Called Cyberlink Director, It Was Pretty Old With Stock Videos Already On It, And I Made Video After Video After Video With Transitions And Video Filters I Thought Is Was Amazing And I Knew This Was What I Wanted To Do, Make Videos, And So I Did, In 2008 I Made My First Video To Youtube, It Was About Me Walking Around Outside At Grand Lake Which Is Still An Area I Go To Very Often Since I Have A Cottage Around There, I Was Very Happy With Youtube, And Wanted To Do More, So I Used Various Websites And Other Editing Softwares Since Cyberlink Didn't Post Videos To Youtube Back Then, Youtube Was Just Starting To Grow, I Mean Heck, I Didn't Even Know About Youtube Until 2007, I Am Still Making Videos To This Day And Will Probably Continue For As Long As I Am Able To, I Am Finding New Ways To Edit, With Programs Never Used Before, During Mid-2009 I Got My Very First MacBook Computer, And I Made Videos Using iMovie, Which Is Something I Still Use Sometimes Today, The Software I Currently Use For Editing Is Screenflow, But I Can't Afford The Actual Program, So I Found For Free Online, But If I Get The Real Screenflow I Could Use Some Of The New Features And Other Stuff That Will Make My Editing A Whole Lot Easier So I Can Make More Content, I Have Recently Discontinued Older Channel Called Pizzalover32 So I Can Work On My Current Channel Unjustlocket and My Newer Channels Like, ComedyCrew, Experimental, And Rockit Gaming, And The Reason Why This Started Is Because That Same Curious and Imagination Minded Kid Decided To Double Click On His Future. So What About ROCKIT? Well ROCKIT is where we will upload any content we would feel like if it were ComedyCrew Vids, Experimental Vids, And Even Music, But We Need Help From People Who Are Willing To Donate!! So Donate Some Money If You Feel Like It To Help Us Out With Our Content Creating And Making Our Dreams Come True.

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For Reaching $1,000 This Will Give Me A Chance To Get Better Equipment Such As Microphones, Webcams, Better Editing Softwares, And A Better Mouse, I REALLY NEED A NEW MOUSE!!
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