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Private First Class C.R.A.P.- Probably always the bulk of any Army is the GRUNTS. They're the people that get things done. With the help of enough GRUNTS , Conservatives Reacting Against Progress will have the guts to start a movement that can't be stopped.

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Early access to videos at least 24 hours before the general public that will allow you to be the first to spread information vital to the cause.

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Sergeant Master C.R.A.P.- Deep in the bowels of an urgent situation, GRUNTS need direction. Someone with experience in maneuvers that can lead the way in getting through to the bottom of the situation.

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Free Wallpapers for your computer and phone. Access to download high quality .tiff and .jpg screenshots in 1920X1080 and 800X480 resolutions to display on your devices. 

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Full Major C.R.A.P.- Large concerted movements like this require managers. To administrate and see that the proper paper work is done to wipe up the remains of a messy situation resulting from a concentrated movement.

Benefits include- all of the above plus-

Free high resolution 1920X1080 screen savers for Apple or Windows devices.




With the help of unkNOWn Soldier, Conservatives Reacting Against Progress is building an Army of like minded individuals to seize the moment and advance our agenda. What we need is for you to sign on and enlist in becoming a Patreon. We hope you're up for the battle that is being fought everyday. Like all Military Service organizations there is a structure with varying levels responsibilities, duties and benefits described in our Benefit Tiers section.

Animations take a long time. I once read that Toy Story took 100 artists 4 years to create. Figuring 40 hours a week for 50 weeks out of the year, that means it took 800,000 hours to make a 81 minute movie. I believe that works out to 165 person\hours for one second of animation. Now I make no claims to be working at Pixar's level, but working alone, with the other complexities/necessities of living in the modern (or post-modern ) world, a short three minute video can take me several months. There is a reason that most videos on You Tube are of someone talking into a camera.

Writing the script, doing the research, finding royalty-free music and video clips, learning software for every aspect of video production, creating 3D models, UV unwrapping, creating UV maps, learning how and then doing cloth simulations, deleting backgrounds from images, doing the sound design and voice-over, creating equirectangular images for environment maps, finding free 3D models and then reducing vertex counts so my computer can compute the still 12 million vertices needed for what I want to do, pre-rendering that so the idea can be composited together, redoing the sound design and voice-over, redoing aspects of the animation because the easing isn't quite right, and then adjusting everything because I couldn't hold that fart joke in, it just slipped out.

Probably the biggest benefit for me that would come from a successful Patreon Campaign would be the freedom to create videos full-time. I love making these kind of things. I love learning what has to be done to be able to create these kind of videos. I love making these jokes. I love the whole process, ( ok, ok, alright- I find the sound design frustrating, I don't know the programs that well, but then I would have more time to work on it. Or if it's a really successful campaign I will hire people.) I would be able to get better hardware and software. I could just buy music and better quality 3D models. I would buy professional level sound editing software. And learning how to use it would be a early goal. As it is, it takes me 3 days to earn enough money to pay for my crappy health insurance that doesn't seem to cover much of anything. These kind of videos take a lot of time for me to create. Time would be the biggest benefit, time to focus, time to make it better, time get it right. Because right now, Time makes me say," Man, I've spent too much time on this, and by the time I make it better X days/weeks/months will have passed". Now in artistic creation there is always some level of "I can do better" , because if you created the perfect painting why would you ever make another one. But there is a big difference between that and having to say, "It's going to have to do because I don't have the time to learn how to make it better."

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