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If you want to support me but don't have a lot of cash, hey I totally understand friend. Don't worry though, with the Whisp tier you'll get access to unedited chapters as I write them, along with: 

♥Character/WIP playlists

♥ Access to my discord server

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With the luna moth tier you get the same as a Whisp, but also:

♥Character art/info

♥Early round edits/revision notes

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As a werwolf you get all the previous boons, and also: 

♥Exclusive story/WIP brainstorming

♥First rights to story suggestions/polls

 ♥A moodboard for your character! 




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Howdy there. I'm A.Coffman, more commonly known as Woo. I'm a writer, but I'm also disabled. Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, a subluxating knee, and severe C-PTSD, GAD, + massive reoccurring depression have combined so I can't work a traditional job. I have applied for disability assistance but the application process is notoriously long and difficult to navigate. I had to quit my last job in 2015 due to my chronic pain and fatigue interfering with my ability to work. In the meantime, I write in order to cope and in the hopes of getting my novel off the ground.

So why Patreon?
I set up Patreon to help me gain an audience and to earn a steady income. This way I'll be far less stressed about money, I can stay healthier and able to have independence, which means actually getting to make content! 

If you want to support me but can't afford to spend money monthly, you can always Support Me on Ko-fi

Monsters, demons, werewolves, ancient cultures, eldritch evils, anarchism, and tikkun olam. You'll find it all in my books! I also have #OwnVoices content with bisexuality, mental illness, being Jewish, being agender, and trauma. My editor/partner calls it contemporary dark fantasy, I call it my mess.

♦Full chapters as I write them (the higher tier rewards get to see edited versions!)
♦Podcasts where myself and other writers and friends discuss contemporary issues in media and also yell about the Punisher
♦Discounts for my soap shop!
♦Behind the scenes planning, character info, series bibles with world building, etc.
♦Moodboards -- including ones for your characters! 
♦Early reads!
$21 of $50 per month
This will allow me to cover the medications I need to take along with travel expenses to get to my appointments! This will relieve some of my budgetary stress and help me focus more on actually writing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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