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Thanks for tossing me a buck! Contributors get access to all of the content I produce here on Patreon. That includes exclusive snippets, bad book reviews, and all of the other stuff I post.
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Not only do you get access to all of the content I post, you get to MAKE DECISIONS. Vote in polls! Suggest books for me to review! Request snippets, sequels, or follow-ups to stories! The power, it is in YOUR hands now. 
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You are a generous soul. Thank you so much! Not only do you get CONTENT and DECISION-MAKING POWER, you get a short story commission! 

Got a hankering for a story about a young Mothman just trying to make it in this cold hard world, or an orc warlady winning battles and also the hearts of beautiful elven maidens? Think I could do it justice? Send me a prompt, and I will respond. 

Note: I do best with speculative fiction, and I'm probably not going to be able to do justice to OCs that are near and dear to your heart. I WILL do fanfiction on request, but if the fandom's new to me, I'll have to do some extra research. Thanks again!




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Hi! My name's Cameron, and I write short fiction on the internet! 
Mostly I write speculative fiction, and a big chunk of that involves queer women. Stories I have written so far include:
  • Flower of the Sea, about a big tough mermaid who falls in love with and courts a human fisher-girl.
  • These Vengeful Bones, about a necromancer who was murdered by her husband and now has to slowly and grimly drag her way back from the dead to kill him before he kills his new wife.
  • Ghost in the Chitin, about a biological exoskeleton armor with a rudimentary AI that accidentally traps its wearer's ghost after the soldier is killed while wearing it.
  • Night Stop, about a cashier working the night shift alone except for a trucker nursing a coffee at a truck stop 7-11 with the increasing conviction that something is lurking outside.

All of these, among other stories, are available for free at my tumblr, unnameablethings.tumblr.com/tagged/original-fiction. 

On my Patreon specifically, I offer two services.

First, story-related stuff. Snippets of stories in progress, polls on which stories I should work on next, short follow-ups/sequels/prequels to stories I've already posted, and monthly events where people can submit prompts and get tiny flash fics from them!

Second, bad book reviews. Once a month, my patrons vote on a bad book for me to read and review chapter by chapter. Live through my horrified screams and my insistent demands for More Women And Gays. Listen to me bitch about books so my long-suffering mother who only reads nonfiction books about economics doesn't have to. It'll be fun!
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This is enough money for me to actually buy books instead of putting them on hold at the library for weeks or wistfully gazing through my computer screen at the beautiful gay small-press works that are only available online. If we hit this, I'll start a monthly book list of what I'm reading and briefly what I think of each book!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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