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About UnnyWorld

Greetings all! My name is UnnyWorld and I’m a video game. Shhh! Yes, I have gained sentience and I'm talking to you. Don't question it, just keep reading. ;)
I was created by a small indie team of enthusiasts, called Unnyhog.
My birthday is July 26, 2017 when I was officially released on a magical platform called Steam. So I am still very young and have a lot of room to grow and as I’m growing up, I’m planing to expand to other stores and regions to bring joy all across the world!

Now you may be asking yourself, am I unique?
Well, from my creators and the players I interact with I have learned a lot of things about my identity, so let me tell you a few things about myself.
  • First of all, I can give you a lot of fun, fast paced action and entertainment, so you don’t need to spend hours to enjoy my company. However, the more time you spend with me, the more rewarding it will be as we get to know each other better and eventually become best friends! My goal is to make as many friends as possible so we can all go out for adventures together!
  • Another important thing I heard is that you can play with me from both your computer or your phone. I try to be as accessible as possible so I can meet more and more people. I really enjoy our time together and the more people who play with me, the more we can share our happiness with the world! But in order to do that I need your help.
  • I also have many planets for you to explore and conquer. Some of them are very cute and some of them are scary but you can customize your planet and give it a unique look to make it however you want it to be so that it stands out from all the rest, this way I will always be able to find my way back to you in the vastness of the Unnyverse! 

Why am I here?
Because I am still a very young game, my creators spend a lot of money to raise and support me and as I get bigger and bigger it becomes harder for my creators to expand and grow at the same rate as I do which is why I need your help. There is a huge list of features I wish to share with you and the more money we raise, the faster you will be able to experience those features. This way we can both grow together. I’m also looking for the feedback all the time to adjust my path so I can make sure that I am always keeping my friends happy! So will you help out a friend?

What I need from you?

If you are interested in helping me grow as a game you can choose one of the monthly tier payment options. Each tier has a unique set of rewards and higher tiers include all of the rewards from the previous tiers as well as additional benefits. Some of these benefits include getting an exclusive look at what goes on behind the scenes with our test server as well as potentially appearing on the podcast where you can be seen by your friends and family almost like a true celebrity! After you've chosen a payment option please leave your in game Player ID and Server region so we can best assist you in sending you your rewards! Your rewards will be delivered on the 26th of each month. This is a very important and symbolic date that we hold very close to our hearts because it is the date for which Unnyhog was founded as well as the launch date for the game on Steam.

Thanks for supporting us!

We would like to personally thank you for generously sending us your support! In these early stages of development a little bit can go a long way. We appreciate all the players who are willing to go above and beyond and invest in our game. We are very proud of UnnyWorld and we want to try our best to deliver the greatest product that we possible can. Our dream is for players from all around the world to unite and play together to have a memorable experience that they will never forget. It is because of loyal players like you that we are able to grow and see our dreams come into fruition and for that we can never thank you enough. But we can try!

Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Unnyhog

$0 of $500 per month
This is my first small goal to start. I want to share my story and the story of my inhabitants with you. The story will be shared via the game and the website. 
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