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 Daily sketchbook access: Exclusive finished sketches + full doodle pages. The good, the bad, and the ones that clearly have a case of the ugly. 

Weekly Timelapse Videos: WIP shots, dialogue about about my paintings stages / difficulties & a straightforward video process sped up to 10 mins. of digestible footage. 

WIP feed: Thumbnails, rough sketches, shots of various stages of my current personal project for the month. 

Fox Book of the Month: Each month I pick a self-improvement book and throughout the month, break down how it relates to improving overall as a freelance artist. 



About Unorthodox Fox

Welcome to my Patreon !
 My name is Lauren Ulieme, better known as Unorthodox Fox.  

The journey to growing into an extremely skilled artist consists of three crucial ingredients: 

  1. Habit Building : understanding how we develop habits and making an effort to build positive habits necessary for artistic success. 
  2. Purposeful practice: Figuring out your artistic weaknesses so we know what to practice on and how to practice to specifically improve in those areas. 
  3. Self Improvement: building up ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and creatively in order to achieve our personal standards of success. 
Patreon presents me with the chance to share how I tackle the challenge of building habits, practicing purposefully, and improving myself through my daily sketchbook, my weekly studies, my personal art pieces, my freelance career, and sharing monthly book choices + how I relate them to my artistry.  Grow with me as a Weekend Warrior. The best way I know to impact others is through transparency and living by example. The ultimate goal is to grow with you. To provide a space where you can ask questions & see in real time possible solutions to experiment with. To be honest about what it is like to be a freelance artist in my mid-twenties as I am still figuring shit out. Sift through and find what you need from my experiences to continue to build in your own journey. 
Adding $1 into the Fox Tip Jar, growing with me as a $5 Weekend Warrior, or simply sharing the existence of this Patreon with people you know makes a HUGE difference. The Weekend Warrior tier comes with 4 specific rewards. You can cancel any point in your journey with me. Rewards are distributed throughout the month. Schedule below :D

  • Daily sketchbook: Sketchbook theme Oct. 2019 - Mar. 2020 // Perspective, Figure Drawing, & Value Composition Study Practice. 
  • Fox Fridays (Weekly Studies): Character designs tackling 3 different prompts : Week One = King & Queen // Week Two = Female Crime Boss + Body Guard // Week Three: The Mechanic (Character Design + Painting) 
  • WIP Feed
    • Current personal project: Part Two of Amusu  + Static Shock 
  • Fox Books of the Month:  Oct. 2019 - Mar. 2020 
  1. Perspective: How to Draw by Scott Robertson & Framed Perspectives Vol. 1-2 (Perspective Practice) 
  2. Figure Drawing: Gesture Drawing For Animators, Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators, + Figure Drawing For All it's Worth 
  3. Value Composition:  Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre 

** All rewards are for personal use only. Do not sell, redistribute, or alter any of the content provided to you from my Patreon. :D

Once you hit the "become a patron" button, payment will be processed immediately for the current month’s content. Afterwards, the payment schedule for continuing/existing Patrons is the first of every month for access to monthly content.

Questions, concerns, or feedback? Message me or email me directly at [email protected] 

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