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Every little bit helps! It's like a tip jar. Big thanks though~


A big thank you from me~




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untrusted.cc is growing bigger, and I need some special people to help fund it. Maybe you!

untrusted.cc costs money! I can pay for it no problem (for now), but as the site grows larger and larger, and my file count gets larger, I'll need to continue upgrading the server. Here's a breakdown of my current costs:

  • $190/month - Server
  • $20/year - untrusted.cc domain
  • $8/month - Pizza
  • Total: $190,00~ per month

And untrusted.cc is growing pretty rapidly! That's why I'm looking for a few daring entrepreneurs to help support Catbox. Even reaching 50% of the monthly bill would be more than I could ever ask for.
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$100 per month is a pipe dream for untrusted.cc and me, but hitting this would take a lot of stress off my shoulders!
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