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Upper Cumberland Weather has been a tremendous success since its launch a couple years ago.

We’re fast approaching 10,000 followers between our Facebook and Twitter pages, spread out all across the Upper Cumberland from Carthage to Cookeville to Clarkrange and everywhere in between, and I fully expect us to reach that number quite possibly by the end of this year!

You come here for real-time updates during severe and winter weather — specific to your community, regardless of what time of day (or night) — and I do my best to deliver just that!

But as we continue to grow larger, so does the demand for an even higher quality product, and one that’s delivered daily, even when the weather is nice out — not just on the stormy days when you need it most.

I’ve invested quite a bit of my own time and money into building Upper Cumberland Weather into what it is now, and that investment continues.  However, not only is that investment quite a bit (see breakdown below), but there’s far more I want to do that I simply can’t provide because it would be too costly — things that would greatly benefit Upper Cumberland Weather moving forward!

Below are just a few of the expenses I incur either monthly or have incurred directly for Upper Cumberland Weather:

  • ~$1,000: Computer and technology upgrades for live streaming (PC tower upgrades, new monitors, webcam, etc.)
  • $1,000: iPad Pro with cellular data (HUGE resource during severe weather!)
  •  ~$75/month: Subscription fees for live streaming, radar, website (currently on hiatus but with future plans!) and email fees, iPad cellular data, etc.
...and that’s just over the past year and a half.

All of those expenses are directly tied to Upper Cumberland Weather and have come completely out of my own pocket (minus the few Patrons we’ve had since 2017...thanks for your support, y’all!).  UCW is my baby, and I will always go out of my way to do whatever I can to make it better, even it means digging deep into my own pockets to make it happen.

However, there is a growing list of things I want to be able to provide but can’t because they would be too costly to personally invest in.

How cool (and helpful!) would it be if we had live cameras spread throughout the region so we can actually see storms coming and what they are doing in real-time, besides just looking at a sometimes-confusing radar image?  What if our live streams could feature even more helpful forecast information and ran daily — not just on days when storms are expected?  What if we could one day launch an app that contains everything you need to keep up with the weather in your community?

These are just a few of the ideas I have, but I can only make them a reality with your support.

Upper Cumberland Weather will never be placed behind a paywall.  It has been and will always be totally free for you to use.

But if you would like to help offset some of our expenses and make strides toward creating an even better experience, that’s where Patreon comes into play.

It can be $1, $5 ... however much you want to contribute a month.  You don’t even have to contribute anything at all, and that’s totally fine!  This is just here to add a community support option for y’all to help makes things even better.

Whether you choose to donate or not — from the bottom of my heart — thank you.  Thank you for your continued support of what we’re doing here.  Upper Cumberland Weather wouldn’t be what it is today without your tremendous support, and I am greatly humbled and appreciative of you!

Thank you!

Anthony Taylor
Upper Cumberland Weather Founder & Administor
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Offset the costs, personal and financial, that go into Upper Cumberland Weather and allow me to invest in new software and technologies to make it even better
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