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For most of human history, poetry has been for and by the people. Poetry has the ability to express both singular truths as well as common spaces; it comes from within, building bridges without and it unveils vital truths shared collectively to create powerful communities. This common ownership was present throughout the ancient world, from Europe to the Middle East, from Africa to Asia; through poetry, people shared their histories and understood themselves.

Many movements have striven to recreate poetry’s social potential: from the ‘happenings’ of the 1960s, or ‘street poetry’ movements like Acción Poética in Mexico to anonymous artists like Laser 3.14 in Amsterdam or Opiemme in Italy. Amsterdam, historically one of the most liberal cities in the world, located in the heart of Europe and home of 180 nationalities, has this approach to poetry inscribed into its history: the Ruigoord village, the happenings of the Provo countercultural movement and Diana Ozon’s street poems written in the context of the punk graffiti movements of the 70’s & 80’s are just a few examples.

There are many realities working with poetry as a social tool throughout Europe: let’s gather to start a conversation around the role that poetry must have in the future. This is just the initial step to unite, discuss, understand each other and get ready to engage with the people with a strong common vision: take poetry to the people; if they do not know where to find us it is our responsibility to go to them.

Poetry must be inclusive rather than exclusive, for the many rather than the few. Poetry can and must be a driving force for critical reasoning and social change in an increasingly complex world. Only through collective efforts we can use poetry to make an impact: strengthening our social bonds by stimulating active minds and bodies.
Poetry is dying, but together we can save it, and save ourselves.

Date of event: June 21-22 2019 
Location: Amsterdam, with focus on Vondelpark area combined with events in various locations
Type of event: Open poetry gathering with workshops, round tables, events, parties and happenings 

Confirmed Participants:
(MOVEMENT FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF POETRY - MeP) founded in Florence in March 2010, is an artistic movement that aims at instilling again in the people the interest and respect for poetry in its various forms. The Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry (or MeP) intends to fulfill its aims by taking advantage of any suitable channel, always honoring a firm respect for every other art form. Coherently with the advancement of its ideas, MeP imposes anonymity on its authors, so that the focus may be on poetry itself, rather than on its creators. MeP is open to anyone who shares with us the resolutions included in the manifesto and to whomever commits him/herself to act productively with us towards the aforementioned aims.

PLU is a non-profit community organisation that aims to intensify collaborative artistic practices through community events, performance and publication. Our principle objective is to stimulate creativity through the cultivation of common spaces such as local platforms connected through transnational networks for artists living in and passing through the City of Light.

Manifesto: “We, at Rough Night Press, have an understanding that warrior poetry, rebel art, and underground sound are the zero point where the entities of our perception meet and submit to the eternal dance. We believe that art should reimagine this reality without filters or illusion and that the words of prophets on subway walls start revolutions. Rough Night belongs to poets, the madmen and wild women who through words, images, and music rage against the dying of the light. We are artists willing to stare into the abyss and translate chaos into beauty. We are here to guide you through the rough night of the soul.”

The Irrational Library... a man, a band, a shop, a small press, an evenings of poets, musicians and obscurity coming together. The Irrational Library...a state of mind more than a movement.
TheIrrationalLibrary...spokensoulrocknrollboogieforyourbrainsfunkedupfreedompartyprotestmusic, Alright!
The Irrational Library the heart of Haarlemtown’s underground. The Irrational Library...a safe haven for the freaks, geeks and weirdos of the world. The Irrational Library...Now That We Still Can.

Project Word Up is a movement that celebrates and inspires self-expression through the spoken word poetry. Merger of two organisations in 2015 - MUTE & Spoken Notes - Word Up encourages people to engage with the world around them and to use spoken word poetry as an instrument through which they can explore and better understand their culture, their society, and, ultimately, themselves. Word Up brings together performance, writing, in a supportive environment to inspire people to recognise that their views are significant, valid, and necessary.

Even though we are extremely lucky to be able to put our own free labour into this project, we don't want for the artists, movements and collaborators involved to have to do the same. Your help will allow us to pay for participants' travel expenses, technical equipment, website and graphic design, and of course to keep the event completely free.
Thanks for your support, we are deeply grateful for every penny we will receive.

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