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Upstarts Podcast
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This level of participation is for people who are vaguely interested in the outcome of this project but mainly want to support my ongoing podcasting efforts. Great for patrons who are loosely invested in content creation and are looking for a way to contribute to the greater community of content creators without having to do any thinking or work. This level also makes you privy to the essential details of the project.
Intelligence Briefings
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Lead from the front or get left behind. I'm looking for a specific kind of Patron at this level. Members of this level are part of a virtual think tank that hypothesizes the next major evolutions of society, the internet, business and the economy.
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About Tyler West

This Patreon is for businesses and professionals who are interested in the architecture of success, either as an intellectual pursuit, a competitive advantage or as a long-term strategy to get their own successful ventures underway.

The Upstart Radio Show is all about building the next generation of platforms, businesses <g>and</g> social solutions. Watch me build businesses and talk to young professionals doing cool things.

Internet Intelligence Briefings represent my viewpoint on various topics of relevance to the practice and conduct of business in this digital age.

About Tyler E. West
I am on a mission to help as many people as possible take their destinies into their own hands and take that first step towards launching a personally satisfying and professionally rewarding business of their dreams.

The art and craft of human enterprise has been my foregoing interest for my entire adult working life and I have had the privilege to be a resource to many ventures, both humble and ambitious, and ranging in subject matter from recruiting to activism to design and marketing, to selling high-end wines. I have also been privileged to have known or worked for a few captains of industry and many of the brilliant unsung heroes who support them.
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