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Urbanist is a publication dedicated to exploring the world’s cities via live video. I believe that exploring the history of places and the people who walked the same streets we walk, our experiences are beautified.

There’s nothing quite like live video. It’s a window to another world. It’s a conversation between you and I. It’s an opportunity to travel across the world from the comfort of your phone. Urbanist is on the forefront of delivering innovative live video.

Secondly, cities are the future. While most travel media decides to focus on exotic beach getaways, we are focusing on the cities that have shaped and continue to shape humanity. According to National Geographic, by the year 2050 75% of the human population are going to live in cities. Urbanist is providing context about the neighborhoods, landmarks, restaurants, shops, and attractions you're visiting; so next time you visit them your experience will be enhanced. 

NOTE: Urbanist Facebook Lives will always be free. This page is here to provide extra support to continue providing more and higher quality Facebook Lives.

Hi! I’m Ariel Viera. Nice to meet you! I live for creating media that touches people on some level. I’m deeply immersed in history, urban design, and the ins-and-outs of traveling. Now I want to bring you along for an adventure to learn the hidden secrets of cities all around the world!

Urbanist is all about exploring cities and learning about the history, experiencing the culture, eating the food, and discovering hidden gems.

But this is only the beginning! I'm bringing you along to other cities: from LA to Buenos Aires to Tokyo to Paris.

Urbanist goes live 2+ times per week. Here's 5 of our Facebook Live shows:
  1. Historical Tours - this is our main show where we cover the history, culture, and hidden gems of neighborhoods and landmarks!
  2. Wanderings - spontaneous walks exploring a city. Sometimes we need some spontaneity in our lives.
  3. Urban Boutique - exploring the most unique shops, hotels, and markets and their backstories.
  4. Foodist - uncovering the best food and drinks, and the people who make them.
  5. City Hustle - exploring interesting companies, organizations, and people.

Pledges go into equipment, software, travel costs, admission to attractions, mobile data and most importantly time to research and tour. Urbanist is my full time job, so the money I make from this publication is my income.

Here’s my normal schedule: I take about 1-2 days to research and/or coordinate a collaboration for each 1-3 hour broadcast, along with travel time to each locale I explore. Overall, I’d say I spend 20-40 hours per week. Every dollar given to this projects frees me up a little more to focus on making the best content I can.

With your pledges you’re helping to build Urbanist, which will help you and people all around the world gain insight about their favorite cities and be able to explore the world through the comfort of their own phone. As we grow, I aim to provide provide photography, 360 videos, extensive travel guides, and even more live videos!

Thank you so much for supporting this project! Urbanist simply would not be possible without you. Remember to keep being awesome and always keep on exploring!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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