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November 26, 2018. New York City

“The American Dossier”
by Uri Norwich is released today by "Highwood Publishing NY."
A sequel to “The American Deluge” written in 2014, and produced as an Audio-Book in 2017.

Spying Game never stops.

The war is in the Cyberspace now. The payouts are in Crypto Currency. But a good, old assassination cannot be replaced by anything.

- “How much time do I have left to live?” asked the man.
- “You are the property of Mother Russia! We’ll tell you when to die.”His handler replied.

The year is 2016. The Presidency is up for grabs, again. Once, the man had engineered the election of the first black American President. After eight years of the oblivion, they called on him to prevent losing to an outsider. Just like before, death, destruction, and a trail of assassinations follow him.

This time, it hits home. When the man learns that his KGB handlers are after an innocent young woman close to him, he sets out to save her life. Soon he finds that she too joined the assassin's trade to avenge the deaths of her own.

Russian Election Meddling is here again. There was no need for the meddling. It has been going on much longer than most people realize. The novel is a sequel to “The American Deluge,” published in 2014.

This novel is available in all electronic formats and on paper at Amazon®, iTunes®, and anywhere books are sold.
For more information about“The American Dossier ” and the Author, please, contact the Publicist “highwood publishing new york<sup>©</sup>”

I was lucky and privileged to attain degrees in different fields of education, having received an engineering and a business degree from well-known schools. This combination of expertise had opened for me doors of international corporations and Wall street investing.
My novels are based on my own experiences and interaction with real people who have been shaping the current world we live in America today.

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I am not a Financial advisor,  neither I pretend to be. In fact, I despise most of them taking advantage of unsuspecting public.

I hope that this site will help you understand a complex and confusing reality we live in. Most importantly, you may be able to profit from this understanding and take advantage investing your money wisely solely deciding if it could work for you.

Sincerely, Uri Norwich, author and wealth manager.

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