Uri Sivani

is creating Professional editor for photos in Photoshop, professional film e

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You will give me a picture and I will do anything you want with it. I will change objects exactly. I will change the background. I will make color corrections and anything else you want
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I'll give you a picture and I'll give you a painting too
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My name is Uri and I have been editing videos in Sony Vegas and After Effects for over 5 years and I have not been editing photos in Photoshop at a very professional level for more than 5 years, and I paint paintings of the highest quality.
I offer you all of my services for a nominal amount that I can then invest in my advertising.
You are my initial push to open all the options before me.
You can do it right now in 2 seconds and for that you will also get a reward!
I would be very happy if you do it now and go to the donations page
Any donation will be welcome!
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When I get $ 25 I will drop all the prices in one dollar for a week!
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