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To be completely honest, I made this account along with a YouTube, because I want to do something with my life, other than the typical Nine to Five. I am not quite sure what type of videos I want to post, I think at first I will just explore and experiment with different types of videos. I am Passionate about Woodworking, Drawing, Exploring, Cooking and more, so we will see what happens. I will Most likely start off at a slow pace do to my situation. I am still in the process getting the money for a new camera and other equipment. But I know I will find something unique and new to share with all of you. For anyone who decides to donate and help me out, I greatly Appreciate you and will figure out a way to reward my patrons. Have a Great day!
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When I Can get enough people to support me, I will be able to send about 20 random people a piece of what I create on my channel and in my spare time. Most likely a cool drawing or something of the sort. Possible a prop if I use any. I will update this as I go and figure out more about what you guys want to see.
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