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Really, this is all you have to donate to have my everlasting gratitude! It helps so much when someone donates just one dollar! Every dollar here goes straight towards making what you guys watch more amazing! The reward for buying this includes my everlasting gratitude, and exclusive placement onto any interactive or multiplayer game I play!
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If anybody donated $10 to my stream then you are absolutely crazy! These $10 could go to anything I want and I choose it on my stream! That's because you guys are amazing and I want to continue streaming with you amazing folks! The rewards for purchasing this, is that you will get entered into giveaways twice now!
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You guys just bought your way straight to my heart! If anybody ever donated this much, then I am speechless! Donating this much to me, just adds so much to my stream! The rewards for this are you instantly become a regular in my stream and the previous rewards!




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I'm a Mixer streamer who loves interacting with the community and playing with all you beautiful gamers out there! You can join me and help my streaming game, by going ahead and subscribing to me here on Patreon! I hope to see you soon!
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If we reach this goal, then I will play whatever games you guys want, for 2 whole weeks.
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