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Hi, my name is Dr Brendon Fraser-Jones and this is the start of your journey to go from opinion to truth. I spent 4 years studying philosophy with the community of st john in France, another year at a university in New Zealand and then I went to medical school. Yes, I am a medical doctor but I am taking time now to develop this formation course in realist philosophy.
As a doctor I see sick people. But as a philosopher I have to say that sickness of the mind is far more prevalent than any physical problem. And I don’t mean mental illness, I mean illness of the intelligence. And what’s worse, basically no one is addressing this problem. We are rightly concerned about physical health and wellbeing and about pollution ( I say pollution and not climate change) and sustainable living, after all the fate of humanity may hang in the balance. But how much thought is given to the pollution of the cultural environment that surrounds us? Ideology and opinion reigns supreme and are far more toxic to the hearts and minds of people, especially young people, than a slightly warmer winter or a seal that chokes on plastic.
So, what’s the current state of things? Currently the internet is awash with people trying to help the world solve its problems, there are those on the left who try and solve the world’s problems with identity politics, socialism, Marxism or just a jumbled web of accumulated opions, there are the Jordan Peterson’s, Steven Crowders etc on the right who have very good intentions and a lot of intelligent things to say, but are they helping you to form your intelligence such that you can escape from the molasses of opinion?
I would suggest that they are not. So what are you to do? I’m just going to come right out and say it: you need a formation in philosophy. I am dedicating myself to providing this formation, drawing from the lectures I had during my time studying philosophy with the Community of St John in France as well as my own assessment of reality through my experiences as a doctor.

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