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Dear earthling,
as you might know, animals aren't treated well in our world. In fact, they are treated the worst. Dogs and cats are beaten, set on fire. Cows, pigs and other cattle are raised just for the sake of our appetite, beaten, slaughtered brutally. Foxes and other fur animals are held in small cages and skinned alive. The worst misdeed of us is that we take their freedom. No animal, no living being is meant to live their whole lives in captivity. In such a cruel world it is important to give back to those who suffer the most. That's where animal rights activist begin to act. We try our best to show people in street activism what is going wrong in our society, the disconnection between an animal and the finished product, the missing compassion for other species. Another action is setting animals free directly. Often they are brought to animal sanctuaries where they can live peacefully. We are such a sanctuary. We try to give our brothers and sisters a loving home because that's what everyone deserves.
About us:
Monika is a 60 year old power woman. She built this sanctuary on her own 4 years ago and she takes care of the living beings everyday. She does this with all of her heart.
We first met in autumn 2018 and when I saw her compassion, I couldn't see another way then joining her and support her wherever I could.
To my person – I'm Michelle, a 18 year old vegan animal rights activist living in Cologne. Because I cannot help Monika everyday due to the distance to the sanctuary, I now invest most of my time in searching funds, giving out flyers and being active on the streets for animals with Anonymous for the Voiceless.

In return for your help, we will give you updates about our animals and maybe newcomers who we set free from cruel owners. If you live nearby, we can also give you the opportunity to visit us!

PayPal: [email protected]
Michelle Penner
IBAN: DE 06370400480234657500

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