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So far Basic is the only tier. If you can afford it and if you recognize the work put into the content of this page, feel free to contribute with more.

I will email all patrons about new posts, when they are published. And I can send you pdf-files with the mundane aspects for each month, if you wish to receive them. They are a good tool for anybody working with horary astrology or election charts.




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About Eskild Rasmussen

Who am I?
  • I like to produce stuff of quality, to spend plenty of time making things perfect.
  • I like to work with the language as a linguistic craftsman.
  • I like to do statistical research into astrology using mathematics.
  • I like to combine artificial intelligence with astrology.
  • I like to play and make experiments.
  • I like to test astrology in order to determine what is possible and find its borders.
Like Socrates, I maintain that I don't know anything - but I am eager to explore.

The Astrological Alamanac will bring:
  • current astrological aspects (influencing all people on planet Earth) with predictions, comments and interpretations
  • comments on current political events
  • astrological research results
  • educational descriptions of astrological disciplines like horary astrology, election charts, rectification etc.
  • astrological analysis of historical events
  • celebrity charts

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