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About ASMR Sweetie

Hey you and welcome to my Patreon-page! My name is Sandra, also known as ASMR Sweetie, and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I create ASMR-videos on youtube in order to help with relaxation, anxiety or insomnia problems. Your support will help me create even better, high-quality ASMR-videos. I am so grateful for all the support, and I truly appreciate every single one of you. I am forever grateful that you support me, and that you've helped me achieve my creative dream! ❤️

The support will go to things such as props, camera gear, microphone gear and outfits. I want nothing but the best for all my supporters, and that is what I am always trying to achieve. Hopefully, you want to support me and be a part of this crazy relaxing journey! LOVE ❤️

Yay! The tiers are finally created 😍 The benefits will come into effect the 1st of February 2019. You won't be charged until then. Therefore, join now and become a TRUE SWEETIE SUPPORTER 
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Help me afford a 3DIO microphone in order to create the ultimate ASMR-experience 
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