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Science Belongs to Everyone

Our dream is get the newest, cutting edge and profound science accessible to the public through writing, videos, and pictures – we translate the obscure to captivating. Technicality and jargon has its place – trust us, as students we have had our fair share of nights parsing through difficult-to-understand, dense, yet profound research. But the mission of ICSJ is to illuminate exciting discoveries that too often get lost in databases, journals, or the minds of academics, and facilitate the delivery of cutting edge discoveries to a wider community in a way that maintains the sanctity of the science and is accessible to college students.

But Who Are We?

We are ICSJ. Composed of top universities in the world, we have a passion for disseminating science. Knowledge is for the masses, discovery belongs to everyone, and we are just trying to pave more roads to increase science accessibility. This is not just a journal – this is a movement; this is ICSJ.

How Can You Help?

We just launched our website with a more interactive and accessible user interface. Our long-term goals are to expand our capacity for print publications and pay for shipping fees to eliminate financial restrictions.
But we don't want to stop there! With additional funding, ICSJ would be eager to host a science communication conference for our magazine to bring university undergraduates together. We want to invite a panel of scientists and leading keynote speakers, hold science workshops, and host a research symposium showcasing the up and coming discoveries in science.

Join Us in the Movement to Democratize Science!

Thank you for your consideration! We are so excited to welcome more supporters!


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The print publication will be distributed to all member schools, and the website will be updated with the new articles we have been working on!

And don't worry, all pledges to this campaign are one-time donations. We won't add future publications to this campaign without notifying you first.
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