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is creating A YouTube series analyzing of the holy bible (full reading NIV)
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About Heart Of Black Onyx

We all start the same, knowing nothing. We only have what we've learned and what people in our lives have taught us to go on. Usually these people are parents, teachers, or mentors in some way. I grew up, naively, believing that what they taught me was 100% true. I defended these truths with passion, veracity, and sometimes anger because it was if the person arguing with me was being disrespectful, calling me a liar or an idiot and by extension my family and friends and these insults would not stand.

However, after reaching a certain age I started to find out that a lot of what my parents, teachers, and mentors had taught me wasn't just a little wrong, incomplete, or just missing a few pieces. They were flat out 100% incorrect. Now it wasn't just those that had taught me that were incorrect but now I was incorrect and not just about the direct things they had taught me about but the conclusions I had drawn from that incorrect information.

This lead me to two major overhauls in how I interacted with the world. First off, I needed to detach my ego from whether or not I was right about a topic. I needed to do this so I wouldn't stay stubbornly attached to an incorrect ideology because of emotions. Given that emotions don't affect how reality works this allows for a more objective look at any given subject.

Secondly, All of my stances on any topic were moved from what ever position they may have been in the past to neutral. Meaning when asked if I know this or that, my response is, "I don't know." Until I could verify through physical means that this is a phenomenon that is demonstrable, repeatable by others, has a logically sound explanation, and the conclusions surrounding this information was sound.

Even then, when I would come to conclusions based on this new method I would phrase this as what I know now and this is how I know it. So that in the event that someone that might know more about the matter or in the advent of new evidence I could change my view accordingly.

So, how does that relate to anything I'm doing on this page. My goal is to show the process of how to determine when something is correct through the means of physical evidence or logical extrapolation. The purpose of this is to show all of the errors that are made in the process, how to catch them and what to do in the event that those errors are not caught. The hope here is to destigmatized being incorrect and depersonalize the feeling when one has an incorrect view on a topic.

I will attempt to accomplish this by reviewing topics that are relevant to me. Starting with my first series on the Holy Bible, as it is something that I was taught to be true from the youngest age I can remember. It is something that I personally need to resolve by reading an analyzing myself. Once that series is completed I will continue on to my second series, the topic of what is critical thinking, how to learn critical thinking, and how to teach critical thinking. Then I will finish with communication between people, how to avoid arguments, how to resolve arguments, determine why an argument is occurring, etc. (since these series are going to be dozens of videos the third series is not as well thought out as the first two at the moment, but after I have completed the first series the description for the third will be considerably better)

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