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If this goal is achieved, I will send a signed copy of one of my short works to each patron that does so for each month that I am supported.




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I am a writer. I wrote a few novels and many short stories and many poems. An American Breakfast is my first novel which published translated version of it in South Korea recently. My writing carrier as an English writer started while I was studying at a college in California since my talent in writing discovered by the English instructors at the college.

My writing style heavily influenced by E. Hemmingway. For Whom the Bell Tolls deeply inspired me that sent me into Afghanistan to cover the war during the Soviet Union occupation as a freelance journalist. I often felt that I am like the old man in The Old man and the Sea. But you might say that I am tougher than the old man because I am a lone fighter since I never had a little boy who could help me. Fortunately I am a survivor as a writer supported by many readers from all around the world. While I was staying in London, I contributed short stories and poems for the Big Issue. The Immortal Melody is my latest book based on a true story which is a manifesto of powerlessness against the unchallengeable monstrous injustice of Japan. I am also the author of The Silent Rebel based on a true story about an Afghan medical doctor who stayed a year in Pulichaiki prison in Kabul, Afghanistan as a political prisoner just a year before the invasion of Soviet Union.

For many years, I have been trying to survive as a writer selling my books photo copied, a sort of underground books, written for the brilliant and rare souls who has been chosen to be understood.

For the activity of writing and to let out my ideas out to the world and fighting for human rights I am seeking financial support. I would be grateful for your support.

Samples of my works can be seen on my website http://www.hideoasano.com/
$0 of $500 per Sharing my poetry and writing with patrons
All I need is adequete shelter in which to sleep and write, something which is not possible in my current situation.
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