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About DevientKage

Who am I?
I am an Australian gamer who makes YouTube videos. Easy as that really. (Link to my channel:

What do I play?
I play a variety of games and I try to be willing to play many different games!

Why the name DevientKage?
the name is a combination of both my IGN (DevientPhase) and my Friend's (Kageshinben). He didn't want to continue the channel so I kept up with it and am now very happy with the progress. :D

Is there a scheduled?
There used to be, but I found that I was not able to keep up with it and ultimately it limited me to the game I had to do that day instead of allowing me to do what I want.

Why support my Patreon?
When you support my patreon you allow me to develop and to expand my channel. Also I would love to be able to do Youtube one day and every donation helps me out greatly.

Do I stream?
I do stream! (link: been improving my streaming, like to stream war thunder and have done other games. I do it atleast twice a week on the weekends, but I will generally do more than that!

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This will help me in continuing putting out better and better content to youtube. I will be able to upgrade my computer and will also be able to improve my internet for streaming!!
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