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 Greetings TruthSeekers, Patreonians, and all!!
      Last year, as you may or may not know, I released a group of songs--with immense help from Ryan and Ryan at the Loud Label--entitled "Future Vintage"; and it turned out great! I've been performing this material with my live group called TheTruth, and audiences seem to really dig the music... I am super proud of the project and would love to do some more--well..I AM doing more; and have been recording little by little all year.. when I can book the studio time. I have 3 songs that are nearly finished. However, It's taking WAY longer than I am comfortable with, and it would be great to have the monthly capital to write/record/master/video/release/tour material on a regular basis.
     This is where your help becomes so necessary! Your financial support will be used to reserve studio time, pay engineers, pay musicians, pay mastering engineers, pay arrangers, pay baby sitters(!!), and purchase gear and necessary tools. There are so many people I'd love to work with, and this will give them an opportunity to get paid well for doing what they love! This will, in turn, bolster the local/national/global music industry and enable me to streamline my productive and creative processes-- instead of cramming when personnel schedules magically align..
      If you enjoyed (or are currently enjoying.....or are about to enjoy! ) 'Future Vintage" or have heard my music live, this is your chance to help me make more! You can invest an amount that fits your budget for as long as you like and stop at any time, no questions asked. It's all about keeping a steady monthly income to keep the musical output flowing.. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and encouragement. It's so incredibly necessary.
$50 – reached! per null
..and I'll be able to rent a rehearsal space for a few hours!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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