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As a giving human being (I assume), you get my eternal appreciation. If you see me in 60 years, remind me you gave me a dollar on Patreon. I'll tell you, "Thanks".
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Ah even numbers, my favorite. For the $2 pledge, I'll tell you "Thanks" twice as loud, which will probably work out better than the $1 pledge, because in 60 years we'll probably both be a little hard of hearing.
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PI!!! For giving me a piece of Pi, you will be deemed one of us..... one of us..... one of us




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Welcome to Patrick Ransom's Patreon page. First, a disclaimer;
The material on this page has not been approved for mass consumption. It does not conform to any standard of regularity, conventionality, or quality which would justify its viewing by those of good conscience and mind.
Studies have shown that Heavy Metal music is disruptive to the growth of cellular material; it has been established by the scientific community that it is a risk to the proper functioning of the average, sane, well behaved citizen and should not be consumed.

Second, a few questions.
Are you a sane, productive member of society? Do you pay your taxes, go to church and attend to your lawn as is demanded by the social code of orthodoxy? Do you owe an exorbitant amount of debt to an institution of greater economic importance than yourself? Is your purpose to consume at an increasing rate without foresight or conscience?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you should stop reading immediately and return to the appointed station in whatever society to which you belong.
If you answered 'no' to any of these questions then you should also stop reading and attempt to become a citizen of at least minimal importance. (If you are unsure how to do this, consult the nearest television)

What? Why are you still reading? I thought I made it very clear that you should discontinue this activity and return to whatever you feel justifies your minimally significant existence. Since you are obviously one of the lesser intelligent ones I will reiterate. Stop reading this IMMEDIATELY before you damage what little intellect you possess.

You fool! What is wrong with you? What makes you think you have the right to disregard an order given by an obvious superior!? Perhaps it is the fault of your parents, or maybe you had a less than adequate education. Oh, I'm sure you can add two and two (though that is hardly necessary) but you should have been instilled with a constant sense of menace from authority.
I will tell you one last time. You lack the capacity for original thought, that is reserved for men of a higher class distinction than you and you risk damaging yourself to the point of societal uselessness.
I hope I have made myself clear. Have a nice day.

You are still reading. You disregarded all warnings and threats.

You have shown the adequate amount of original thought to view the content held herein. You are indeed a real human being. Your heart beats with the song of creation, a song glorious enough to lead you to an enlightened state of consciousness and I applaud you.

Enjoy, and continue to practice your humanity to the height of your ability for the betterment of our social condition.
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My #1 guitar, known as Red, is dying. Not literally! You can relax, but her pickups are losing their magnetic field strength, decreasing gain and output. In simple terms, this means she is no longer her vibrant young self and needs some surgery.
That's where you come in. A small donation is all that is needed to put some of the meanest pickups known to man into my baby: Seymour Duncan Invaders.
Thank you for your time. And remember, you will reap the auditory results.
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