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Hi all! I am a fairly new modder of the Total War community, I started with Warhammer I in 2017. Fascinated by the variety brought by the game, I wanted   I began with some basic tweaks and units and finalized my experience with the mod Ordo Draconis - Templehof Expanded, a fairly successful mod. I love vampires lore and stuff in Warhammer, and I tried to focus mostly on them, while keeping everything "lore-friendly" and balanced for vanilla game.

With the advent of Warhammer II, my main focus shifted to some unit mods like Expanded Roster - Dark Elves, while I am also fiddling with some unique lords and heroes taken from older books in my latest mod Whysofurious' Additional Lords & Heroes. My main goal for Warhammer II  is to extend what I did with the Ordo Draconis mod to every vampire bloodline in the game (up to now, Strygos and Nechrarchs). I am already working on the Strygos and I will gladly post some screenshots here.

You can also find some information on this project on the relevant page on TW Center.

Most important: I intend this page to be more like a blog rather than a way to make money. That said, I should not charge anyone, nor I will make patreon-only posts. In this way, you can follow me and I will post only public posts to avoid charges.

Some thanks are most needed: Khazmo, my lore-whisperer, the one who inspired most of my creations through his excellent threads.
Guvenoren, thanks to which Ordo Draconis is completely balanced and fully working, without his countless hours of testing and help I would have been able to deliver only a small part of what I did.
MixuCataph, and Crynsos, thanks to whom I got inspired in the first place and who helped me in a great variety of ways. Thanks also to the guys on the C&C Modding Den for their help on many of my questions.

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