Andranik Asatryan Vardani

is creating concept art, comics art, book illustraton




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Comic Support
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Hi guys ... !!!

We are from Armenia and we want to realize our ideas.

We do not have a comic book industry, and we are working on creating, drawing comics about Armenian gods, fantastic and mystical stories.

And we ask for support from you, for our artists.

If you support us, we will send you in Armenian, and when it is translated into English, we, of course, will not forget you and send the English version on you email.

Great Оpportunities
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A Special Tier for comics fans that includes Exclusive Merch!

  • English version in PDF format
  • On one panel will be his participation in the big plan.
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A Special Tier for the super fans that includes Exclusive Merch!

  • NEW* Participation in one of the comic book series.
  • English version in PDF format.
  • We send printing version
  • One concept art for him in God's armor
  • All Concept and Characters arts.