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A Lego Model Straight from My Movies
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There will be so many ships,buildings, mecha, and more. There will be so many designs, you will just have to get a tangible version of one of them.




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Hello comrades. I promise there is much untapped potential within me. Just watch my latest Youtube video, 

<yt>Lego Harry Potter and the Brain-Sucking, Shape-shifting, Mind-Control Being from Another Dimension</yt>

:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyFpiGkzCvs. I promise if you donate to me you will see a 15 minute or longer version of it with much much greater effects. I promise I will bring you the greatest entertainment that will instantly wipe away your depression or any diseases if you have them. I promise if you give me money, I will give you money back and make your life better as soon as I profit. But that won't happen unless you donate. The more you give the better the return. It is a really good investment. I promise to add a score and dialog to my masterpieces as well. I'll do state of the art effects that have never been done before on Youtube, with mixed-media involving live-action, stop-motion, and 2D/3D characters all interacting together. Even a soundtrack with a real orchestra and chorus will be added. Even your favorite actors or other people on youtube like SMG4, The Nostalgia Critic, and many more will join me. Every film will be the quality of a theatrical release. Nothing is impossible. Join me and together we can make this a reality! :)
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I will allow any of my patrons a chance to meet me at a new convention and join me in making movies if they so desire.
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