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Even one dollar helps as it takes months to make these animations.
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About Kelsey Thomas

I make anime and mangas and other stuff and also make wallpapers art ad all stuff like that.
Check out the newgrounds page since it has everything! I'm an artist, animator, choreographer, and writer and dabbler in film directing.

I am a one person solo 2D and 3D animator that likes making anime style cartoons/movies. So why Patreon? I work a fulltime job but its really my passion to make these animations on the side and its pretty much all I do with my free time. Patreon helps to find quality voice talent along with some of the equipment and software license costs for making these 3d animations. Mostly this is due to the mocap animation program as well as Magic Bullet looks for Adobe After Effects.

Since I'm only a one person army, animation takes up alot of time to do, from planning to staging, getting voice actors, doing audio editing, planning choreography and scene choices as well as just plain old animation and motion capture. Considering I'm not sponsored by anyone other than you Patreon guys I'm glad to have you guys as an audience. I'm no Monty Oum but I strive to get better with every project as I learn new things.

Every Month or so I am aiming to release some sort of animation, either a full animation or a major bit of it depending on how involved the project is. In addition to this, I am posting Tutorials and vlog updates on my current projects on my Youtube

There you can see the weekly updates as each project progresses and yell at me if I'm not working fast enough. I am also looking for VAs and sound design people to collab with so if that's you- send me a message!

In closing- Thanks All so much for your support. The community is the reason I do stuff like this. You guys are all awesome!


The main project I am working on now is Nihilo. It has taken a long time to learn new techniques as I did not want to do this project and have a mediocre quality outcome. Also there are not many resources available that teach the type of 3d/2d animation I am trying to achieve so a lot of it is trial and error. The prologue episode is going to be releasing soon with the voice talents of Jacob Anderson and OliviaSteele from Newgrounds. Hope you enjoy! Here are some of the development shots!.

Final Evil

Ever wonder what a Resident Evil/Final Fantasy mashup would look like? Well....I'm working on it.

$10 – reached! per month
Yes its only $10 but if I can pay someone else to help out with a few frames I think the end result will be worth it. The more you donate, the more I can pay for higher quality help for VAs and original music producers
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