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Wow, you guys are the best.  Even one dollar a month can make such a huge difference.  With your support I can keep the video content alive.  Patrons at this tier will receive access to one or more exclusive MonHun related videos every month.  I'll also proudly display your name, at the end of each video (unless you want to be anonymous of course, you sneaky ninja you).
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You're a hunter's best friend!  Palico level patrons receive all the rewards of previous tiers.  As a Palico you will also gain access to additional exclusive content including even more MonHun related videos, and other special bonus content. 
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At this level you will receive access to all the previous rewards as well as an exclusive hour long monthly hang out session.  This is a chance for fans of the channel to hang out and talk about whatever we feel like.  We can discuss plans for future episodes, share hunting strategies or just chat about what's going on in our lives.




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Hey, thanks so much for stopping by my Patreon page.  I'll be releasing a new MonHun related lore video every week.  I'd like to eventually move this up to two a week and with you're support we just might be able to make that happen.  There's a lot of expenses associated with making these videos and I put a ton of time into writing the scripts and editing them in Adobe so every little bit helps.  Even if you can't support the channel right now, make sure you drop me a message and say hi, I try my best to respond to every comment I get, and I love talking to the community.  Thanks again!

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