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About Midnight ISO

Hi everyone! New to this!

Geek based way of life!!

Gaming play, reviews and reactions :D

I'm brand new to Youtube, Twitter and Patreon. I'm learning as I'm going with recording, editing and even general play of new games/TV shows. I am aiming to bring my own unique views to reactions, re-watches and semi professional (at least in my mind) gaming on retro and modern titles.

I've been gaming since the days of the Game-Gear, Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo and I think I know the odd trick or 2. Not too bad for an old dog. I have an eclectic taste, so I will bring you classic retro plays from the 16-bit era upwards to full sim racing on GT Sport, Iracing and Assetto Corsa.

I also will be lending my opinions to various TV shows re-watching and reactions in both new, old shows, Formula One and Formula E as I've also picked up my own views too!

So as you can see this channel will be a bit of everything, but at least from my point of view it will keep things fresh for me and hopefully yourself too! Please enjoy and share if you a couple spare seconds as it will help Midnight Iso grow into the future!
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