The Community of the Awakening to Ascension

is creating a support network for the Awakening within humanity.
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The Avatars, Youth and Young Adults
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A weekly podcast exploring topics important to the next generation of leaders.  No longer is it appropriate to indoctrinate our youth, they know better.  Now is the time to recognize the partnership we share with them, and seek their participation in the dialogue and decisions that affect humanity and our planet. 

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The Sacred Feminine.
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Conducted by women, for everybody, this is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring our world and our future through the eyes of the creative, the nurturing feminine.

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Where can you share your feelings,  experiences and memories of home planets orbiting different stars, galactic and beyond?  Our desire to be understood, accepted is an expression of our desire to find our family, typically our star/soulful family.  We have a fascination with the stars because of our memory of other star systems, other homes that are still where we feel most comfortable.  We accepted the mission to come to this world, a most challenging task, and look to our heritage for comfort in a world that remains so uncomfortable.  Perhaps you will find some relief with us or can share to provide relief for others. 

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About The Community of the Awakening to Ascension

Do you 'feel' that there is more to being a human than how life is defined by our 21st century society?  Do you find little or no fulfillment in providing your talent to an employer or a business of your own that can only contribute to more of the same offered by this society?  Do you innately question, if not outright reject, so many if not all of the explanations provided by the mainstream as to what is human history, where did we come from and where are we going? 

If you do, The Community of the Awakening to Ascension is here to offer you answers and explanations and solutions that may provide you with the comfort and relief you have been seeking.  It is a very difficult emotional place to be when we personally know there is so much more but are consistently encouraged to accept so much less by a society that really does not care about our 'feelings'.  We live in a society that only places value upon that which supports it, and it does everything within it's power, via education, media, entertainment, government, financial and religious institutions to encourage conformity.  The problem with our current system, however, is that it does not deliver what it claims it is, what it claims only it can, and that is the contentment and happiness of the very people that it depends upon for support.  This is the starting point, this is the evidence that supports what we are trying to accomplish.  Humanity is depressed, it is anxious and as such is constantly seeking relief from the effects of these symptoms. 

The relief that we want to offer here is understanding, understanding of who we are, the purpose we are fulfilling simply by being alive, and understanding the promise we represent as a human being because of the potential we possess.  So much of this understanding and knowledge is currently denied us and yet it exists for any who are ready.  Have you ever heard the saying, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear."?  Well, if you are reading these words then you clearly are ready for the deeper and clearer understanding we have to provide.  So much of what continues to be denied to those of us who know different, by this society that only wants to perpetuate itself, is hope.  Hope that we could live a life that actually has meaning to us, something not available if we dare try to survive in this world according to their rules, those who, for a lack of better words, are lying to us.

So what we will be sharing is both an understanding of the Process that has brought humanity to this time and place, as well as the hope provided by a plan of how to organize ourselves and change our world in a way that supports the development of a whole human being.  We are here to help all who come to us to learn how to heal themselves.  The word 'heal' means 'to become whole, again', so because we are all one, as we help each other to this place of being healed we only help ourselves.  As we heal, humanity heals, and as humanity heals this planet can heal.  We have taken so much from our Mother, but we could only take what she first agreed to freely give.  This is part of the teaching of the Awakening to the Ascension, that despite any disagreement and conflict there may appear to be on the surface, everything and anything can only exist because of agreement where creation actually occurs.  We have been asleep, and we have misunderstood but only because of the circumstances that could only be created by this condition that would then force us to awaken, freely.  Those of you who are here now, and all of those of you who will be here in the future represent, on behalf of all humanity, the growth humanity is.  There truly are no victims here, not when you understand that we are all willing participants in the game of life.  There is however a time for change and growth from what has had to be so what can be, will, and the Community of the Awakening to Ascension reflects that change.

We're looking at four podcasts each month, one a week, to begin with.  The first will be the Big Picture and within it will be explored the Process within which our experience continues to unfold.  The Process is everything and everything serves the Process.  A second will be Human Potential.  This podcast will address the ways and means of establishing a holistic community that can be economically viable, while creating a model of resource sustainability and cooperation with our natural world.  This community will also have to support individual physical health and vitality and especially serve the development of our perceptive abilities so far beyond the five physical senses.  A third podcast will be dedicated to our youth, those who will inherit the world we leave them.  Human beings are coming onto this planet with a degree of sensitivity and awareness that has never been experienced before and we are not equipped to support them for being such an insensitive society.  Our children need an opportunity to be heard, to be listened to and supported for they truly represent the Ascension that is humanity.  The fourth but not least podcast will be by and for the women of the Awakening.  We have not listened to the women in our society, and to the greatest extent have tried to only dampen the feminine in them, the balance to masculine. This podcast is such an important link in our search for and our discovery of the balance that is healing of the human psyche.  

Thanks for this opportunity to explain my vision, my calling determined by that which I recognize as Soul.  I have no choice in this matter, I am the creation and the means through which Its imagination will be expressed and I humbly and with gratitude accept my place.


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