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You may have listened and thought "hey why not" well I appreciate that for sure. I will write you a personal thank you message because I appreciate you so very much. 
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At this level, you may not think $3 does very much but your wrong, it actually does a lot. It shows me that my choice for what I want to do iin life is correct. At this level you will receive an exclusive track and a personal thank you letter mailed to you from me, a long with some stickers. 
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At $20 a month this means your a true Believer of my music and want to see it grow. At his level, you will receive a Poster and a T-shirt featuring exclusive artwork. Along with a personally written thank you letter mailed to you and stickers as well. 




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About Benjamin Schreiber

My name is Ben, I have been playing music for 12 years and writing for about 5. I play extended range guitars (7,8,9) as well as drums, bass and vocals. I struggled for a long time with PTSD from a loss and found that music was always my way to deal with thing. I play metal, I call orchestral because I think if you close your eyes my music will tell you a story. I have struggled for years trying to get some backing for my music. I show people and they always love it so now I am promoting it even more and trying to branch out as much as possible. Thanatos evolved from a project i had for a few years. Everything is done by me in the tracks. I play Ibanez Guitars, use DR strings, and play on Line 6 Amps. I also make the artwork and such for my music as well. 
thanks for reading hope you enjoy.
P.S all of my music that you hear has not been put through a mastering process. I recorded everything with a 50 cent microphone and then Equalized, that's it. I wish i could do it with an actual studio set up. 
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If I can get this much I can finally get my own studio set up and really make great quality music as well as be able to survive and start my journey doing what I love.
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