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is creating a page to make the server better!
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Prize Draw!
Limited (50 of 50 remaining)
per creation
Each donation places you in a contest with every other doner! The winner will be chosen randomly with a number generator, and will gain access to an exclusive prize normal players wouldnt recieve😬
Limited (15 of 15 remaining)
per creation
5 Mutated Giga Eggs or any other tames you wish to have
Server Admin
Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
per creation
This privledge will not be given to those who I don’t seem fit to be admin. Taking this roll means you won’t be able to PvP as people will be too sus of you using admin commands, which is fair enough. Also, there is no banning unless you run it through me first. We always need new admins to help run the shop and keep things running smoothly, if you think you‘re up for the job pay the subscription fee and we can talk 😊




per creation

About Ark Server Donations

This is a patreon account dedicated to making our server have more player slots available and for a longer period! Any kind donations help, even $1 can be put towards creating a great community server for people to have fun on. Enjoy guys!

server name: 50xModdedDrops/AutoEngrams/SHOP/NoRules/Cluster

- Vil187
$0 of $500 per creation
The main focus is to open up all the maps to our cluster with as many player slots as we can get! If our community helps put in even a single dollar, that could make this goal very much possible!
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