is creating a better Youtube/twitch experience
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I know that not everyone can donate a ton, but one dollar help more than you can imagine! Oh also you get a cool tag in the discord!
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Since I am starting super small this will be the top for now but I will say, along with the super sexy tag in discord  and my eternal gratitude! (I can't do more yet I'm sorry! ;-;)




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About Bonaparte

Hello! I am Bonaparte, some relation, I am just starting into this amazing world of videos and streaming and well...I know it isn't cheap. I want to get this started now and maybe one day I will make enough from it that I can provide all you wonderful people with a great experience. OH and to the people who donate, I want to make this project go to the moon and back for all of you!
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This first goal is just to try and get some bills lightened. Once those are minimized I can start looking to the future!
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